Youssef TAHA — Moroccan Fashion Model and Influencer

2 min readDec 24, 2020
@djeporov | Fresh Hoods

International Influencer and Model, Youssef TAHA, is one multitalented individual. Based in Morocco, his vision and dreams go beyond his home country. At only 24 years old, he has surpassed cultural norms, achieved the impossible, and rising as an entrepreneur.

As a model, he has landed major brand deals and represents fashion brands like Siksilk and FreshHoods. His modeling career is only beginning. In the meantime, his role as an influencer continues to build. With over 150,000 followers on Instagram and counting, his audience can expect Youssef’s own fashion business moves in the near future.

With both beauty and brains, his educational background makes him all the more desirable to the world’s top brands and companies. Youssef is a highly qualified auditor, and he graduated with a master’s degree in audit and financial management from the prestigious “National School of Commerce & Management — ENCG” in his hometown of Agadir, Morocco.

In uncertain times, most of the world was put to a halt, but Youssef did not allow “what ifs” to stop him from continuing his goals. Despite the obstacles, his motivation and business moves remained strong. For Youssef, motivation comes from within, and he believes in his dream of running a modeling enterprise, while creating his very own brand.

Within the year, he has grown greatly, and he will continue to create a new wave in the fashion industry on an international level.

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