“There are No Shortcuts in this Business,” says Detroit’s Floss alot

The city of Detroit has a music scene rich of talent and passion for music. Within the community stands few influential people in the music business, and one is a name known to many — Floss alot. For over 20 years, the serial entrepreneur has impacted the music business in several forms, and has opened doors for the city’s talents to thrive. It all started when he entered the music game as an artist himself.

In the mid 90’s, Floss alot introduced himself as an artist and founder of Young Boys Intertainment. By the year 2000, Floss alot presented two albums and features from the likes of The GAME, Styles P and Jada Kiss, along with Royce da 5’9”. After founding the Rosay Boyz (over 300 artists) in 2009, Floss gained the experience and skills that made him today.

Floss alot poses next to Beats by Dre

In 2015, formed what would be the foundation for the future Federation Music Group. FMG went on to mentor, manage, and advise artists, and other music professionals nationwide. FMG secured deals with iconic brands such as Apple Music, Roc Nation/Def Jam, 300 Entertainment, Puma, Beats By Dre, as well as the NBA Detroit Pistons franchise.

Lately, Floss alot began forming greater opportunities for artists to be seen and heard, while simultaneously gaining insight from playmakers that artists need to know and network with.

The Momma I Made It concert series has provided quality venues for artists to showcase abilities by performing live in front of fans, executives, and their peers, with a valuable prize package for winners. The Panel is a one-on-one performance in a conference room or studio, with special guest radio djs, label execs, and media professionals, all there to provide useful feedback, and build unity amongst the Detroit music industry.

Read his full interview on Detroit Rap here.

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