Shai Coke: “Swipe Cooper” — New Album

Swipe Cooper is the artist’s third album of his career.

With three previous projects released in one calendar year, Shai Coke released his fourth project this past week titled, Swipe Cooper. The 9 track album features other up and coming artists, such as Nino2muxh, Big Quizzy, and Rich Lee. Shai Coke is notorious for his creative and witty cover art ideas. His Swipe Cooper cover art is impressive, and it is a play off of the PlayStation video game series, Sly Cooper®.

Above are two of his most recent music videos to hits on Swipe Cooper. “Sha’Lyce” is dedicated to the first person to ever buy his music, while “Jordan x2” represents both Shai and Nino2muxh’s last names. He plans on filming visuals for each track on the album.

The summer of 2020 has been a promising time for the artist, as he has been featured on Game Over — a hosted mixtape series dedicated to up and coming artists by The Game, a legendary U.S. rap artist. Shai Coke was also recognized in Hip Hop Since 1987, Itzbikit, and DJ Enuff that highlighted his feature on Game Over’s Volume 3.

Focusing on his recent release, listeners have been giving nothing but positive feedback. Be sure to stream Swipe Cooper — listen for yourself below!

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