Business Spotlight: Joshua Tenove to Launch T.R.A.P. — Take Risks and Prosper

Source: @mrcaplug Instagram


Joshua Tenove has been labeled a pioneer in his industry, according to online sources. Aiming to normalize the words “trap,” “hustle,” and “grind,” the self-made entrepreneur seeks to influence and impact the entrepreneur community. Earning the nickname “Mr. CA Plug” for his current endeavors, he is popularly known for his involvement in the cannabis industry through Trap University, exotic car rental services, and his all-around success story.

“I remind myself everyday to make the world a better place soley because I woke up that day.” — Mr. CA Plug

Tevone pictured with clients, network and business affiliates. Source: IG @mrcaplug

Also providing consulting and mentorship, he is sharing the knowledge and success. On Instagram her states, “My biggest flex is that I put people on. If I know how to do something, I’ll show you.” His accolades back up his words, especially his major role in high status, successful companies: Trap University, CaliPlug, Champion Motors, Highly Legal, Operation 2nd Choice (Non-profit) and more.

Despite his extensive experience as an entrepreneur, Mr. CA Plug has just gotten started. Stay connected to see what prosperity can come by taking wise risks.

“Work on yourself and the rest will follow.” — Mr. CA Plug



Stay connected: @MrCAPlug



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