Samuel “Miracle” New Album Release: ‘Skeletons’

Just Released

The Skeletons cd project is an album that is meant to get conversations started. Should we reveal our past? The good and the bad? How will people look at us if we reveal our dirty laundry? Samuel “Miracle” Brown has a message for us all in his music.

The artist goes on to explain, “Well, God said that the past is not how He views us. He sees us through the righteousness of His son Jesus Christ. He sees the work that is completed. Our sins are forgiven, and although we may be red as crimson, dirty and dingy, and sour like lemons, God will make us as white as snow.”

The Gift of Hope

Giving the gift of hope to listeners is the reason Samuel Miracle Brown created and presented the project.

“God is transferring the wealth and it is stored up for the righteous!!” — Samuel Brown

“God has been blessing me tremendously with the favor and anointing of Himself,” he states. “This is your decade as well, claim it!”

Stream the album here.

Instagram and Twitter: @Samuel_Miracle_Brown | Facebook: Samuel Brown



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