Rockim Williamson — The One Keeping Real Hip Hop Alive [Interview]

Photographer: Audrey Hicks | IG: @ audreyhicks

Born in Detroit, Michigan, Rockim Williamson began writing music in kindergarten. Let me elaborate. While the average 5-year-olds were still learning how to spell their name, Rockim was writing songs. Young Rockim was unaware that he was writing the beginning of his story — literally.

“I attended Marvin L. Winans Academy of Performing Arts Elementary School, so I had an early introduction to music and creativity in general,” he tells us. “I started performing in the 3rd grade and started releasing music in the 6th grade.”

Speaking of performances, he is known to steal the show, in fact, win the show.

I have personally attended a 2017 talent competition at Oakland University, and I saw his performance to his song, “Confidence”. For one, I was blown away at how alive the crowd became. (Can’t believe he won 2nd place. He deserved 1st place!) He, along with his band and choir, eventually won first place at a 2019 OU talent competition. I was there for that as well.

“I’ve opened up for SuperDuperKyle & BlackBear, I’ve won the Coast2Coast competition with over 30 different artists, and earned the opportunity to perform in Miami. I’ve won numerous talent shows, as well as Battle of the Bands at Oakland University.”

Detroit’s 7th Annual Memorial BBQ for the Homeless and Community — You can see the crowd’s reaction to his infamous song “Confidence” | via YouTube Rockim Williamson

I noticed he had a great ability to create hip hop/rap music — minus the common vulgar language, mature content, and glorification of violence. This skill in and of itself is impressive. During this Medium interview with Rockim, I was curious to hear his experience on this topic. I was sure hip hop/rap artists experience some hurdles creating clean music.

Rockim began pursuing music professionally in the 10th/11th grade.

“It’s tough because that’s what’s popular, and that’s what everyone attention is on. However, I believe what I bring to the table is great enough to do damage. I know I’m incredible, I know I’m different, and I am always a student, I’m never complacent.”

I believe, however, that creating clean music in this type of industry will stand out. It will also be a benefit to an artist’s carrer. “It’s a bit of both,” Rockim admits.

So, let’s get to the exciting news.

Along with other major rappers on the hunt for some of the next best artists, Dave East decided to launch a mixtape showcasing emerging artists.

Our very own Rockim was invited to be featured on East Side Raps presented by Dave East. (Yay!)

Volume 6 can be found on TopMixTapes, DatPiff, and Soundcloud.

This is only the beginning. There are far greater plans ahead for the artist. He, along with a small percentage, are the only ones keeping hip hop alive. In the past, lyrics mattered. Nowadays, mumbling words from is enough to be a hit. (Sad, I know.)

But artists like Rockim Williamson won’t allow true music to be forgotten.

“My long term goal is to bring people together through my music and be able to eventually take care of my mom, better than she has taken care of me…Hip Hop is missing The Lord. Not saying everything has to be pure and holy and perfect, because I promise I’m the unpurified person ever, but if people would just read The Word and learn to comprehend it, you’ll understand what I mean.”

Photographer: Audrey Hicks | IG @ AudreyHicks

Follow him on Instagram here. Check out his website here. Stream his music below.




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