Meet Verna Fogg — Rising Pop Artist

Verna Fogg is a current rising “Pop Artist” from Brooklyn NY, who focuses on modern day painting and 3D art. Fogg is stepping outside the box when it comes to artistic creation, and really is bringing the future of painting to life.

Verna Fogg started painting around 2013. At the time she was still working a normal job, but realized she didn’t want to waste all her time just working for money, rather than focusing on her passion. Her first piece was sold in 2015, and from there, she soley focused on becoming the best artist she could possibly be. She had resigned from her job, and a year later around 2016, she started a company called V F artist Inc, and she’s been making a living off of her art full time ever since.

Verna specializes in her own style of “Pop Art”, which is influencers by popular or mass culture. She’s also been creating a lot of 3D art pieces as well, which can be customized for the buyer, “After the client and I discuss what they want, I then create a sketch or a digital one (created on photoshop or illustrator) and then wait for approval. Depending on the size of the canvas and how intricate the design is — a piece can take up to a month. Since my main medium is oil paint the drying process can take time. Once the paint is dry then comes the process of me adding the additional materials to the canvas,” says Fogg.

One of her favorite artists and influences in her field is named Tom Wesselman. He was one of the few artists in the 1980s who was focused on creating Pop Art. This helped to give her an appreciation and a sense of direction for herself as an artist. Her most proud art piece is called Musical Paradise, “There is peace and serenity in music which takes me to paradise.”, says Verna. The influence of music and sound also drives her to keep creating and reaching new heights as an artist.

Verna Fogg is definitely an artists we can see creating groundbreaking pieces that could not only give you a different perspective, but give you a new appreciation for the art within our world. Make sure to follow Verna Fogg on all social media platforms @vernafoggartist in order to stay up to date with all future pieces and canvases by this modern day Pop Artist.


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