Meet TreyC, The Rising Artist and Influencer!

We recently came across a talented new artist named TreyC as she’s making waves with her music video called “Home.” Originally from Asbury, New Jersey, TreyC is taking Los Angeles by storm as she lets the world know she’s on her way to becoming an established artist and influencer.

Her style of music is very unique as she brings you that classic R&B feel, with a new school flow and vibe to it. She’s definitely an artist to watch as far as new artists rising in 2021.

Some might even compare her style to Ashanti or Kelly Rowland. Not only has she been growing a following as far as her music, but she’s also been taking full advantage of social media platforms like Instagram and Tik Tok, in order to gain a steady following while locking in branding and sponsorship deals at the same time.

Definitely make sure to follow TreyC on all social media platforms in order to stay up to date with all music releases and content drops from this current rising star: Instagram | TiK Tok

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