Meet ELEVENNYNE, The Music Producer, Film Director, & Entertainment Executive

Today we came across an entertainment executive and producer, who’s making a lot of noise throughout the industry. He goes by the name of ELEVENNYNE. Originally hailing from South Central California, ELEVENNYNE was able to take his life to new heights, as he now resides within the Lavish Community of the Hidden Hills.

Facing many trials and tribulations growing up, ELEVENNYNE was able to make it out of a situation that to some might seem impossible. As an overall public figure, ELEVENNYNE is here to motivate and empower the community to let them know, anything is possible with the right state of mind. ELEVENNYNE has made his rounds throughout the music industry, whether it be producing for artists like Lamor Compton and Fresco, or working with larger companies like Universal Music Group, where he is currently the Executive Director at Bungalo Records (a subsidiary label under UMG). ELEVENNYNE has most definitely made his presence known within the music community.

As of now ELEVENNYNE is currently in the process of releasing an independent film, which is staring the nationwide known actor, Brian Hooks. Brian Hooks has been in many major films like Soul Plane, 3 Strikes, and Fat Beach. ELEVENNYNE is definitely a good example of someone who doesn’t just talk about it, but also executes.

Make sure to follow him on all social media platforms @ELEVENNYNE in order to stay up to date with all content drops from this current rising producer and executive.




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