Meech Icewood — new music with a familiar story. [Special Interview]

Detroit’s Meech Icewood introduces us fans and listeners alike to new music this year. From hit singles to an upcoming EP, he has been blessing us with project after project. However, there is more to the artist. He has a story — one of which many Detroiters can relate to.

Born Dominique Walls, the artist grew up on Detroit’s East side. Growing up, he was not focused on rap, even though his older brother and cousin was a part of Tank Squad, a local rap group.

At 16, he began rapping. It has now been two years since Meech Icewood came to existence. He credits hip hop legend Lil Wayne for motivating his drive to pursue music. As he watched the mainstream artist create music, it inspired him to do the same.

Blade Icewood was fatally shot in 2005 on the west side of Detroit.

So where does his stage name come from? The late Detroit legend, Blade Icewood, was an icon in Detroit music, whose life ended too short. The “Icewood” in Meech Icewood is almost in honor of his life and legacy left behind for future rap artists. As Big Meech is another influence, he incorporated “Meech”, creating the legendary stage name, Meech Icewood.

In two short years, the rapper has reached milestones. In 2019, his debut album MotorCity Animal released, and the positive outcome came as expected. This opened the door, actually, many doors in entertainment. This also includes his career as an actor in Detroit’s new hit series “McGraw Ave”.

Official cover art for 2019 debut EP “MotorCity Animal” and new singles. Meech Icewood’s newest project titled, “MotorCity Animal 2”, is set to release this summer.

His new singles “Talk Saucy” and “Is There a Heaven” are new fan favorites. Featured in DJ Drama’s popular hip hop blog, Drama Like the DJ, “Is There a Heaven” was a hit. (Click here to read his feature.) Meech Icewood’s newest project, MotorCityAnimal 2, consists of 6 tracks, all of which fans have been waiting for.

Music is his focus, but before his triumph, the artist experienced personal trials, which left him behind bars. This is the familiar story he shares, and what the title speaks of.

YouTube’s ‘Off the Bench TV’ — part 3 of Meech Icewood’s interview. (2018)

His life has taken a different turn, and he wants those living his past lifestyle to learn from his experience.

A motto he lives by is “money on my mind, God in my heart.”

I asked if there was anyone he would like to thank and Meech Icewood said:

Be on the look out for his upcoming EP, MotorCity Animal 2, and check out his music below. (Follow his journey on Instagram @MeechIcewood!)