Jeff Blute Promises His Audience Riveting Beats on His Website Every Week Alongside Several Collabs with Renowned Artists

The artist and producer is using his dynamic sound to inspire people to follow their dreams in spite of negativity.

Jeff Blute is a versatile music entrepreneur from Tyngsborough, Massachusetts who has worked with hundreds of musicians across the world as an artist, producer, DJ, manager, and videographer. Jeff has been interested in music since he was little, stirred by the collection of instruments all over his house as he grew up. But on his 12th birthday, when he was gifted an electric guitar, he quickly joined a band in a few months, where he and his team began playing shows at school. He hasn’t looked back ever since.

The music entrepreneur has faced many challenges, but the most challenging thing he has had to overcome was in his music career. In his words: “Having people believe in me and my choice to go into the music Industry was challenging. A lot of people think it’s too tough to succeed and it’s better to ‘play it safe’”. Fortunately, Jeff ignored these naysayers and play-safers, taking the bull by the horns to become an independent artist who hopes to teach other producers and artists to remain in charge of their craft, in order to retain 100% of their royalties and ownership.

Currently, he is signed with Beatstars/ Sony Publishing- a platform which he uses to release new beats on his website weekly. Jeff will also be dropping several projects with various artists over 2022 and encourages his followers to follow him on his Instagram handle (@bluteproductions) to get the first look.

Jeff Blute’s unique sound is inspired from a rich range of genres from rock to blues, hip hop, jazz, and even metal, while in the production aspect, his inspiration is derived from music juggernauts such as Scott Storch, Dr. Dre, Timbaland, Kanye West, Murda Beatz, and Decap. He has toured all across the United States and has been the opening acts for notable artists like Buckcherry, Candlebox, Non Point, Saliva, Godsmack and Steven Tyler, and has worked with Shad Da God, El Hitta, and OT The Real.

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About Jeff Blute

Jeff Blute is an artist and music entrepreneur. He is also a social media manager who is helping hundreds of artists, brands, and businesses build online. He is passionate about helping people follow their dreams, as he believes too many people hold back from doing what makes them happy. He wants to see more people live their life to the fullest.



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