If You Haven’t Heard Young Zerka x Alandy “Sorry” Yet, You’re Missing Out (Watch Official Video)

Banga that.

Filmed in Korcë, Albania, the official music video to Young Zerka and Alandy’s catchy single “Sorry” is a must-watch. (We can thank Max Production for its magic touch.) The single happens to belong to Young Zerka’s upcoming album titled Part of Me.

Timeless instrumentals like the violin sets off romantic vibes, and Young Zerka’s versatile vocals don’t miss, as always. “Make a move and don’t be shy,” he says in verse one. That’s the ladies cue to hit the dance floor.

Watch Below

Young Zerka, whose age shall not be revealed — just know that he’s Young, has been in the spotlight since the 2000s since he debuted on national television in Albania. In 2014, his single “Roll” feat. Dhurata Dora sparked more international hits and his music and fame spread like wildfire.

Featuring artist, Alandy, also happens to be the producer of the beat. The combination of violin, piano and its reggae/pop feel is simply a work of art in and of itself. This isn’t the first time Alandy’s beats have been tied with Zerka. He nailed his feature on “Sorry” and it makes listeners wonder why he didn’t introduce himself as an artist earlier. (They love it!)

“This one (“Sorry”) is for that one girl at the club in the corner, alone…” — Young Zerka, Elevator Magazine

Be sure to also stream “Sorry” on Spotify below.