How ‘The Detroit Entrepreneur’ Plans to Build Community Small Businesses and Talents

The Detroit Entrepreneur Media, LLC was founded in January of 2020.

The first of its kind.

With thousands of entrepreneurs, businesses, and emerging talents, the city of Detroit and its surrounding areas now have a platform to come together: The Detroit Entrepreneur.

Founded earlier this year, The Detroit Entrepreneur (TDE) is an online magazine that highlights names and faces that are deserving of recognition. Through TDE, you will find businesses, brands, and young-trepreneaurs that have yet to be discovered at the level they deserve to be.

Official certificate template for the awards printed by Picturesque Digital Services.

This fall, they are awarding 35 “Extrepreneurial Excellence” awards to recognize deserving individuals for their hard work. The certificates will also be notarized in the State of Michigan. (That’s major!)

So what is the purpose of the online magazine?

“Our vision is to feature emerging entrepreneurs and recognize creatives. The city is rich with stellar businesses, leaders, and talents. Additionally, we cover all of Michigan and those that have impacted us. Our Instagram page is dedicated to business content, networking, and informative posts to stay engaged with followers and visitors…” —

Along with an online magazine, TDE branches off onto social media platforms as well, and serve as a powerhouse of resources, networking, and leadership support. Popular #letsnetwork Instagram posts exist to bring together two polar opposites in an industry, bringing opportunities to both sides.

Followers can also expect motivational content and resources to benefit from. (The giveaways and contests dedicated to supporting locals are follower favorites!) Follow their Instagram here to join the hype.

Who runs The Detroit Enterpreneur?

During the launch in April, the website and social media accounts were run by a team of volunteers that were dedicated to the community’s growth. After a recent change in operations, The Detroit Entrepreneur is administered by a President, Vice President, Editor-in-Chief, and dozens of journalists.

The online magazine is gaining momentum, media attention, a buzz in the local business industry, and plans to build the community’s leaders with their one-of-a-kind platform.

Unless someone can list a place for people to build, grow, and get recognized, The Detroit Entrepreneur will remain the first of its kind.

How to apply for a feature.

There are a limited number of Editor’s Choice features available per month, but interested individuals can apply for a feature here. Due to the high volume of applicants and competition, only a limited amount will be chosen. Advertisements are alternatives.


A major thank you from:

Founder and President: Denisa Debocci (Me!) Vice President: Travis Foster




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