Becoming a Star — Gabby B

2 min readJul 31, 2020


Gabby B released a visual for her hit single, “Fine” back in April, and she is making a lot of noise throughout the internet and the music industry. She teamed up with Devvon Terrell for the song and video, and it is a visual you don’t want to miss out on. [Video below.] Devvon Terrell is most known for his Rihanna, Work Remix, and also his past collabs with Futuristic.


Gabby B is an artist who has what it takes to propel into the mainstream music industry. As of now the video has surpassed 400,000 views on Youtube, and the song also has caught a strong buzz on the other social media platforms like Tik Tok. One of Gabby B’s videos surpassed 38 millions views on Tik Tok with over 2 million likes.

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She is a music artist who not only has talent, but knows how to use social media to her advantage in order to jump the ranks in the music scene. Follow her Tik Tok here to get hip.

Creating a Legacy

Gabby B is originally from Brazil but was raised in France, and then eventually moved to Canada. These experiences gave her a wider musical influence, since she was able to adapt to living in different parts of the world. Not only has she lived in Brazil and France, but she also was able to grasp the culture of the U.S once she made her move to Florida after living in Canada.

Gabby was highly influenced by watching her mother sing on stage as a child, and decided that she also was meant to join the music industry. Gabby B has done many shows, festivals and even landed some of her songs on the record charts as well. Mainstream success is at her door, and it is only time before Gabby B is name all will recognize.

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Make sure to follow Gabby B on all social media platforms @gabbyb_music, in order to stay up to date with all future releases by this up and coming super star. | Follow her Instagram here.

Watch “Fine” below.

Directed and Produced by “DC”

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