Eddy Mack’s Highly Anticipated Album “Still Underrated” to Release July 1st

2 min readJun 23, 2020
Official album cover for Still Underrated

R&B artist, Eddy Mack, releases his second album, Still Underrated, on July 1st. His 10 track project is what he describes as, “hit after hit.” Born Eddy Haddad, Eddy Mack is a Detroit native with dynamic talents in music. Currently residing in Los Angeles, his career advanced greatly since his first album, Underrated. Despite his success and strong fanbase, his talent is, well, still underrated. With mainstream quality music, he is one album closer to that Grammy.

As an independent artist, he writes, records, engineers, and performs his own original sound. From lyrics to cover art, his creativity has lead him down a unique avenue in music.

A few fan favorites. “Buss Down Ting” feat. Abu Batata and Matthew Bento was labeled as the 2020 “summer anthem” by Thisis50, one of the world’s top hip hop blogs.

The new album may have a similar title to his 2019 debut album, Underrated, but the two are distinct on a deeper level.

“My debut album, Underrated, was written by Eddy Haddad. My new album, Still Underrated, was written by Eddy Mack,” he tells Medium.

Be on the look out for Still Underrated on July 1st — available on all platforms.

Instagram: @ItsEddyMack | Check out Eddy Mack’s Thisis50 feature here.