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3 min readSep 15, 2022

Samuel Hayslett, who’s also known as Danny Warbuckz is a rising mogul in the making. He’s one of the few entrepreneurs who’s actually seen financial success off of his investments. As of now, Danny Warbuckz has his hands tied in many different ventures. These include music, film, fashion, finance, real estate and more. He’s definitely a good example of what it means to be a modern day businessman.

Danny Warbuckz has his very own artist development company called, Music Files Inc. The role of this company, is to discover new artists, and then invest funding in them in order to take them to the next level. This includes marketing and promotion, artist development and overall artist branding. One of the recent successes of Music Files was the release of then record titled “Heels”, by Mike Jay (now knows as Trupopgod). His newest music venture is his project called, Beyond 360. “It’s an agreement between Music Files and an artist. “They come to me for a substantial amount of money to finance their projects. We negotiate 10 singles of choice where I own 50% of the publishing and masters — they walk away with a non-exclusive agreement and own 100% of the rights to all but 10 songs,” says the innovative investor. The song has accumulated millions of streams, and has been spun around all major radio stations nationwide. This is definitely a level of success that many in the music industry wish to achieve, since not many people can actually get to this point in their career.

Danny Warbuckz is also someone who displays a high level of fashion sense. Whether he chooses to wear a casual look with air force ones and designer jeans, or if he decides to go with classy suit look with his other favorite pair of shoes, Christian Louboutins, Danny is definitely someone who stands out when it comes to apparel. “Fashion is a statement piece for my life. Bringing fashion forward pushes the culture.” You can see Danny is up to date on the latest styles and trends when it comes to clothing. He’s definitely someone to look towards for anyone who is into fashion.

As of now Danny Warbuckz is focused on his new feature film “The Black Experiment” which is set to release 2023, and also his investments when it comes to stocks, crypto and real estate. Danny is one of very few investors who happened to see a profit when it comes to investing in different crypto currencies like XRP and Dogecoin. He also invested over six figures in the stock market, and managed to come back with a hefty profit. Danny has a lot of insight for his followers as far as investing your money so that it works for itself. As far as his real estate investments go, he’s currently looking at different properties within Europe. Danny definitely doesn’t show any signs of slowing down when it comes to expanding into different business ventures.

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