Cryptocurrency Soon Backed By Cannabis? The Time is Now, Says DX8!

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DEARBORN, Mich., June 22, 2021 — The rapid growth of cryptocurrency and marijuana industries in the United States has given birth to a new market beast; Crypto backed by cannabis.

Delta 8 (DX8), a SmartChain-powered cryptocurrency on the Binance marketplace, recently launched with a $1 billion market capitalization and is set to explode as the currency used in the cannabis marketplace.

Mohamad Hamade, CEO and founder of DX8, stated that his goal in the near-term is to create a stable, growing cryptocurrency that’s used as both an investment and a fast, secure transaction currency for cannabis dispensaries and medicinal users.

“Our goal was to create smart web tools and applications that allow fast, contactless and comprehensive payment transactions,” said Hamade. “By focusing on our transaction infrastructure, we’re preparing to accommodate massive growth.”

Hamade, also a successful musician, says he’ll be using his industry contacts within marijuana dispensaries throughout the United States to grow DX8s’ customer base.

“Many banking facilities used by dispensaries offer very small interest rates on their savings accounts, and their newly imposed high transaction fees will cut into the bottom lines of dispensaries,” said Hamade. “Dispensaries don’t have many options. By offering lower transaction fees, compounded with the projected growth we’ve seen in other crypto markets, we believe we’re filling a void that’s needed in the marijuana marketplace.”

Hamade says that during Phase 1, which includes Quarters 3 and 4 of 2021, he intends to set up web applications and smartphone apps that allow fast transactions using DX8. He’s also procuring contracts with more than 50 dispensaries throughout the United States.

During Phase 2, his plans for DX8 include a more aggressive approach, using viral marketing, industry music promotions, as well as direct outreach to encourage more dispensaries and marijuana users to purchase and use DX8 currency for transactions.

While the concept may seem unconventional, it’s actually not that strange. There was actually a time during the Roman Empire when salt was used as currency, later backed by precious metals and other commodities. Today, we accept the faith and credit of the United States to back our currency.

So, why not weed as the future of wealth continues to grow?

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