“Bluemoon is a Culture for the Hip Hop Community,” says Omar of Bluemoon. — Read About a Family Business of Six Brothers

As the home of many successful creatives and entrepreneurs, the city of Los Angeles is rich with talent, businesses, and a culture that is unmatched. Aiming to bring just that to the city, a family of six brothers have founded a family business that is currently the talk of the town: Bluemoon. With clients and guests like CJ, Blueface, 6lack, NLE Choppa, Lil Moset, and many other familiar names.

Bluemoon is multi-faceted and has branched out to multiple avenues: a luxe hookah lounge, kitchen apparel, successful five star jeweler, and more. It is a brand proving the family’s entrepreneurial skills, ideas, and combined efforts. The men behind the success are Anas, Omar, Wisam, Mohammed, and Malik Jibawi — all determined to leave a legacy. According to other sources, Omar was able to give the public insight on the Bluemoon mission and accolades. Get ready Los Angeles, because Bluemoon will become a household name.

We would love to know the basics about Bluemoon. To start, let’s hear the “what” of the brand.

Bluemoon is a culture for the hip hop community. We’ve been around since 2014 and collaborated with artists, fashions designers and many members of our community all over L.A..

It’s a unique brand name. Reminds us of the “once in a blue moon” phrase. How did you decide on the brand’s name?

We started out in the nightlife business where it’s always nighttime and the moon was always out. One night, we saw a blue moon and we loved its significance. “Once in a blue moon” was always a saying we loved.

Was it all six of you from the start?

Everyone honestly found their place over time. We didn’t choose who did what, we just used each person’s skill set for what they were suited for and now everyone has their title.

I’m sure you all have your strengths and contributions. Tell us more.

Anas is humble and portrays a good image. Anwar is always ready for the next idea. Wisam is consistent and always gives you the same positive energy. Mohammed is strong; he is probably the biggest asset to the company for that reason. Malik is young and youth brings a different vibe to the company, making it more entertaining. And I’d say my biggest strength is my marketing prowess.

Much respect to all your success! Any tips or advice or aspiring entrepreneurs?

Work hard. None of this came easy. I walked the streets of Compton and South Central every day, knocking on every house trying to buy jewelry. And it worked. Without hustle and motivation you can’t really make it far.

To stay connected and support Bluemoon check out their website at www.bluemoonandco.com




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