Bekah Baby — “Black is Beautiful” — The Message Behind the Music

While society is still in an uproar due to the police brutality and racism issue in our nation, singer Bekah Baby released a new single and video titled, “Black is Beautiful”, which supports the Black Lives Matter movement and community.

Born into a Lebanese-American family, Bekah has witnessed and is well aware of the racism, prejudice, and discrimination to Arabs, but believes it’s no where near the severity of what the black community experiences.

“When most people see me without knowing me, they just think I am white. Besides some cultural backlash around 9/11, I haven’t experienced much discrimination personally,” Bekah shares. “But I have developed amazing relationships with minorities, and that is why I will always support power, pride, opportunity, and the beauty of black culture and other minority cultures.”

“Arabs for Black Power,” states the clothing she is seen wearing in the music video. While the statement speaks volumes, Bekah had reasoning for wearing such a bold statement.

“My message is that not only do I hear and support the black community, but that we all, including myself, an Arab, must do better, be better, and propel change.”

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