Artists Zacariah 100 and Budda Rudda Tell Us How to Handle “Frienemies” (New Song)

Keep your friends close and your “Frienemies” closer.

New Release

“Frienemies” — whether we are aware or not, we all have them. Artists Zacariah 100 and Budda Rudda are here to teach listeners a valuable lesson through their music. Of course, in the most positive way.

To our face they (frienemies) appear loyal, all while deceiving us through lies and snake actions. It is human nature to react with anger, but these rising artists have a better, more positive idea.

“The way we treat our frenemies, is we smile back in their face, because their hate isn’t going to stop the motivation we have on the inside.”

Music with a Message

From lyrics to cover art, the collaborating artists were able to create art in lyrical and melodic form. The catchy part of the single, however, is the message the duo give off. “Regardless of what they say and regardless of what they do behind our back, we keep it moving,” says Zacariah 100.

Premiering Juneteenth, “Frienemies” will be available on all platforms to stream.

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