Ali Speaks on Entrepreneurship, Music & Upcoming Single w/ French Montana

How the entertainment mastermind earned his top independent artist status.

Ali (left) with Mixx Production (right) at the iconic Paramount Recording Studios in California.

Ali is showing the music business how it’s done. While many artists go into the entertainment business blindly, he built a strategy that would soon unfold, leading him to #1. Who may have appeared as the underdog was actually a leader, both self-funded and self-managed.

In the music industry, many artists sing or rap about what the audience wants to hear. (Or what they’re told to say). But not him. For the Detroit bred musician, his lyrics reflect real life. This is the difference between an entertainer and a musician. He doesn’t make music to solely entertain, he expresses his lifestyle and lifetime on a beat in the form of poems (but street). It just so happens that audience find his hits like “Juice” and “Cashapp” entertaining, and his numbers don’t lie. Ali also turns heads. From his culture’s love-hate relationship with his music, to his controversial yet impressive stunts, Ali remains a name that’s spoken of.

Born Mohamed Ali to Lebanese parents, Ali is proud of his roots.

Also known as SomeArabGuy, the Lebanese-American was raised in Dearborn, Michigan. Before his success, businesses and lavish lifestyle, he faced his own obstacles. In and out of juvenile corrections during his teen years, it was then that he really developed his skill for lyrisicm. “I started off battle rapping and freestyling,” he shares in a This is 50 interview with DJ Thoro in 2019. “…but I didn’t want to keep myself in that box.” Watch his interview on This is 50 and Hollywood Unlocked below.

This is 50

Hollywood Unlocked

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The Next Hit Record

Bumping elbows with major artists from city to city, it was only time before Ali’s fans would hear a record with a mainstream artist. That is, before Ali becomes mainstream himself. “There is nothing better than making music with your own people,” Ali shares. As one of the most successful Arab-American artists of his time, French Montana joins in on Ali’s single “Mona Lisa”. Yet to be released, “Mona Lisa” will be the record Ali has been waiting to present. Fans will be high-spirited, and competition will be humbled.